Сын Шахназарова воссоединился с сестрой после многолетней разлуки The heir of the famous Director had never seen Anna since she lived abroad. However, in 2017 they managed to meet in Moscow and socialize. Ivan Shakhnazarov told that he was able to find a common language with a relative, and plans to stay in touch with her.
Сын Шахназарова воссоединился с сестрой после многолетней разлуки

Actor Ivan Shakhnazarov is actively building a career in the movies. The young man not only plays in the theatre and starred in the popular films, but also tries himself in the role of Director. At the recent Kinotavr he presented his first film “Rock”. The film received praise from critics, but still remained without awards.

In a recent interview, the young man told about the relationship with his father and other family members. According to Ivan, he always wanted to meet her older sister Anna, but managed to do it just now.

“I never saw Anya, and in may this year we first met. Sister lives in USA, works film agent Director in advertising. We have something to talk about, and I hope that we will meet many times again. Anna has already called me, father and brother Basil to his guests. I think we’ll go to America with the whole family”, – said Ivan.

Recall, Karen Shakhnazarov and his second wife Elena Setunskaya broke up in 1989, after which the woman moved to the United States for permanent residence with her daughter. The Director and his younger children did not support a close relationship with Anna.

Ivan Shakhnazarov argues that pleasure with my sister, because now his family increased by one person. The heir to the famous Director has told, that Anna also works in the film industry.

The young man also spoke about his personal life. He did not conceal that meets with actress Varvara Borodina, with whom relations develop perfectly. At the recent Kinotavr lovers appeared together on all the carpets, touching, holding hands. Darling Ivan known for her role in the TV series “Junior”.

The famous father had already become acquainted with his beloved son. However, in an interview with “the Source,” Ivan said that Karen Shakhnazarov does not show much interest in his novels. A much more famous Director is interested in the creative activity of the heir.

“Dad doesn’t interfere with our brother’s personal life. Sons him more interesting than their girls. For him the main thing that we were healthy and busy with something, and the rest – that’s our business,” said Ivan.