Дарья Канануха разрыдалась на собственном девичнике Ex-participant of the project “the Bachelor” had a party a week before the wedding. Very soon Daria Kanawha legalize relations with partner Michael. Businesswoman could not hold back emotions at the feast, during the ritual of farewell with the name.
Дарья Канануха разрыдалась на собственном девичнике

The weekend hosted a bachelorette party the former participants of the project “the Bachelor” Daria Kaneohe. In the meantime, she will legalize relations with her lover, Michael. The winner of the TV show are unable to make love with Timur by Batrutdinova. After some time she was alone, and then found a strong man’s shoulder in the face of friend and friend. Soon between them spun a novel.

Daria organised a party for her friends in one of the Spa centers of Kazan. Girls chose the original dress code: all appeared at the event in denim shorts or skirts, and the head of each was decorated with a blue veil. The holiday passed under the slogan “pokayoke”. This meant that after marriage the girl will take the name of the chosen one.

In the midst of a bachelorette party Daria took the video which can be seen as she releases the letters of his name, tied to balloons. “The first part of the most difficult trials in my life,” said the bride in the post. During the solemn ritual, the native of Kazan could not hold back the tears. Kananoja noted that she would soon have to change the passport, but she will miss the old names. To the cheers of friends the bride was released a bundle.

Girls have prepared a special birthday cake decorated with blue fondant, on top of which sported the hashtag #pokayoke. At the end of the party, Daria went along with her friends in karaoke, where they the choir sang “Wet” Quest Pistols Show.

Recall that Daria and Michael were planning their wedding in advance. The couple wanted the event memorable not only to them but also the guests. The invitations were made on a special blue glass that was annealed in a furnace. According to Daria, the whole theme of the wedding will be somehow connected with the water element. Daria Kanawha declassified the details of the wedding

Дарья Канануха разрыдалась на собственном девичнике“We will have 70 guests – mostly young people. Did not call those who just “have to call” – will come the closest. Presenting our unusual invitation together with Misha and everyone personally. Even talking specially prepared a beautiful speech. We have thought of everything” – shared Kanawha.

Former member of “the Bachelor,” purchased two wedding dresses. In one of them, it will appear in the registry office, and the other will wear at a gala Banquet. During image selection, Kanawha gave preference to the extent of outright outfits that would not hamper movements during the dance.