Сексуальная Рита Дакота привела в ужас снимками до преображения
The wife of Vlad Sokolovsky dared to show the bad photo.

Rita Dakota

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota has ventured into what many stars do not agree for any money. In the microblog singer, whose looks are the envy of most of her fans, there was a photo collage of a series of “before/after” transformation. Rita admits that she is now ashamed of how she looked a couple of years ago, but she hopes that her example will inspire other girls.

“I was very afraid to put this picture, I confess. I think every girl is afraid to put their fat pictures, exactly like spotty, “nematology” and other damaging its “ideality,” shared the 27-year-old Dakota. But I’m not afraid anymore of anything! The only thing I want is to try to convey to each of its subscribers will, 99% of which don’t love yourself and your body, to be the best version of myself is very simple, if you start from the head. That is, with deep study, with most of this theory. Try to convey to them that no workout not working, exactly like diet, drying, gyms and PP!”

Dakota sure that work starts not in beauty salons, but with the perception of problems in my head. Singer openly admits that the photos “before” was done when she was active in sports and torturing ourselves with endless diets. “The photo “before” I didn’t kill myself in the gym and sat on all possible diets in a row (this is, incidentally, a year/two after idol), the photo “after” I don’t go to the gym and not sit on diets. Here’s the irony, right?” — said Rita.

Fans of the singer were shocked by images of the artist. “Wow the difference!”, “The horror… I would not dare to show their “fat” pictures! Rita well done”, “What a genius that has achieved such a result! Bravo!” — reacted to the subscribers of the Dakota.

By the way, recently greatly emaciated Anfisa Chekhov of the same opinion as Rita. She also says that she has been able to lose weight after changed my view of the world and worked out their internal problems.