Ryan Gosling has commented on the rumors about the breakup with Eva Mendes

Райан Гослинг прокомментировал слухи о разрыве с Евой Мендес
He explained why his wife does not go with him into the light.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes


Demand Ryan Gosling is truly off the charts today, and to combine it with
a quiet family life seems not an easy task. Unlikely 43-year-old
Eva Mendes (together they have two daughters. — Approx. ed) it’s nice to see how women went crazy with her favorite
men and literally open to hunt him, he is somewhere
to appear… especially in the last time anywhere, even at such an important event as the ceremony of “Oscar” actor, appears without my other half. Which could not to provoke rumors about the break-up of Eva and Ryan.

Do they really break up? “Not at all! — commented the actor. — Eva does not appear to me because can’t stand the red carpet! Prefers to stay at home, now especially with our babies. But I am grateful to her incredibly. For while I sang, danced, learned to play the piano and got all sorts of fun from filming “La La land”, my lady was raising our little daughter Esmeralda (girl 2.5 years. — Approx. ed.) nursed the second baby Amadou (she is about a year. — Approx. ed.). Unfortunately, at this time was dying of cancer, her beloved older brother… And if eve took it upon himself, hardly I have given here an interview”.

Gosling has admitted that he admires his second half and even uses her quotes in the movies. “You know, my character in “La La Land” says a very important remark: “Los Angeles admires everything and everyone, but nothing and no one appreciates it.” These funny and yet sad words I once heard from eve, I liked them very much, and I asked her permission to use them in the movie.” (At the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”, where the actor received the award for best actor, he thanked his “lady” and touching admitted to eve in love. — Approx. ed.)

The full interview with the actor here.