Секс-скандал: кто подставил беременную Анастасию Костенко?
Talking about prices for escort services model.

Photo: photo from www.ofyse.com

On the eve of the social networks erupted serious scandal: in the pages devoted to Tarasov and his young wife, there were reports that Anastasia Kostenko allegedly linked to the provision of escort services. As confirmation of these rumors were published the link to the website of girls ready to sex with guests and residents of Turkey. Among the many questionnaires do have the profile of some girl named World. Her profile filled with pictures of Anastasia Kostenko. The description lists a list of sexual services that the girl agree, their cost, phone Manager for communication and a brief description.

“It is one of the most popular escort models Turkey, people from all over the world dream to use her services. She loves when she is invited on a date or shopping. She prefers courteous and caring men,” reads the description. An hour “chatting” with a girl claiming to be Mira, the client will have to pay 250 euros.

On the website, it should be noted, the photo from Instagram, which is free to access. That is, anyone could borrow. Besides, some of them were done after she started an affair with Dmitry Tarasov. And to believe that Kostenko has combined the romance with the footballer to work in the Turkish escort is quite difficult. In fact, one of the images published on the site were made in the early stages of pregnancy Anastasia, shortly before the wedding, that seems quite doubtful.

The real explanation for the appearance of escortsite Worlds with the “face” of Kostenko is this: someone stole a photo of Anastasia from social networks and “uploaded” to the website with the profiles of girls of easy virtue. It is possible that it was someone fans of Olga Buzova, which still can not be reconciled with the fact that Anastasia “stole” him from her. However, the star is likely even had no idea that some of her fans could decide on such a despicable act towards a girl in a “position”.