«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинах On the eve of 8 March, the heroes of the Comedy “what men talk About”, which I know women like no other, told one of them has a spouse, and who have to endure long-distance relationships.
«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинах



New jokes, which are usually born at home, always check on wife Kate. Important to me her reaction. And Catherine was not laughing at every one to make nice, and expresses its emotions purely on its own merits, but this helps! Wife would be perfect, if not for her “talent” for a long time to come. We are always terribly late, but here’s the paradox, in the end arrive on time. I’m trying to shave and clean up but we have children – because they need to feed, clothe, Shoe. Only after Kate switched the outfit, the makeup, the hair… mostly on the heirs of the wife. I think that the man is a strategist: must arrange for departure on vacation, earn money, pay bills so the family could sail on the ship and nothing to worry about. As the captain will cook in the kitchen soup? He should stand at the helm! Before, of course, rushed in all directions, and now you are trying to stay in economy mode. Recently acquired a mortgage large apartment, planned somewhere to go on vacation.

March 10, the wife’s birthday. I offered to go together to the restaurant to take the kids, Katya’s parents. They help us a lot, and when I need to go somewhere, babysit their grandchildren. And because of this, missing all the premieres, performances.
«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинах

The lack of attention the couple do not feel. Kate always for Dating, romantic trips together… In normal days we only have a couple hours of each other, after put children. There are moments when you just want to be alone to meditate, read a book, in General, to recharge my batteries. I have a second marriage. I did never kept. And very much doubt that there is someone more interesting than me. Yes, if that happens, he is in any case not to be envied. Not in terms of violence, no. Just ask: do you wish it all to take on, my dear friend? Of course, I’m jealous, at least used to be. But was calmer now. Trust.



«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинах

I still wonder how Olga can be so upset over absolutely minor, minor accidents. A broken fingernail, for example. But when it comes time to solve serious problems, concentrated.

We’re not the same: I do not see yoga and things related to a healthy lifestyle. It can limit myself, and I like everything that is delicious. First, Olga tried to persuade to their side, but then I realized this is meaningless.

We spend hours discussing cinema, literature. Talking about relationships – our friends, accompanying it all with phrases from movies or books. She is smart, beautiful, easy – are important components. In addition to reflections on life sometimes a large amount of time given to bumming. For example, it may be fun to dance for me under the missing music. These are our internal internecine games. Actually, my favorite is professionally engaged in acrobatics on the pole. At home we have a pylon there, but I like the way she does it. Start from scratch, very capable.

We are set up romantically, but still firmly stand on the earth. – Defined goals – now I want to buy an apartment. And the dream that was always summer. Individual actions are perfectly refreshing in General, a pragmatic life. Once I arranged a surprise and flew her to Mexico one day.

«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинахSome moments from our lives it is then transferred to the big screen. “By election Day. 2” there is a scene when Alex Baraam are in the neighboring hotel rooms and take a shower. He turned on the hot water – I can’t wash, discover – it runs cold. We have with Olga it is in one of the apartments. She began to wash the dishes, and I nearly scalded to hell. Kind of a mundane thing, but rather was used in the film.



«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинах

In the woman I most appreciate warmth, sense of humor and long legs are three positive character traits. Among the extensive list of shortcomings that I’d rather not read out – inconsistency: today may say one thing and tomorrow another.

Now Anna lives in Kyiv, works as the chief Manager of a huge sports club with a SPA. I think that soon will move me to Moscow, although I think that the strongest are long-distance relationships. Let’s see what they will become close. Of course I do, I travel constantly to Ukraine, so meet quite often. Sometimes, sending flower bouquets – she loves gladioli. Can myself to bring them here, suddenly originating at the threshold. And Anna does the same.

Sometimes we all night talking to each other, watching a movie, show her their favorite passages, put the songs you like. We have a pretty big age difference, but it still allows Ana to understand my interests. Codes life is about the same.

All that love will make, I know even better than she is. Calling, for example, girlfriend, calling somewhere, and Anya came from the premiere, tired and replies that will not go. And I’m smiling, say: that’ll change your mind. And an hour later find out that she’s sitting still in some club. Sometimes, some phrases included in the “kvarteronka” movies. We had a long story, complicated, dense, rich in sensations, feelings, thoughts and phrases. In the new film almost everything says Glory about his girlfriend in the dining car, said Anna. “Oh, yeah, they’re all gay,” “I sit with such a person, that to me does not approach, You look at it unless I’m with him something might be?” is all she told me. In fact, we only do what we envy each other.

Our common dream – to finally be happy. But the paths that lead to it, we see completely differently. If they converge into one, we will be happy together, if not, don’t even know what to do…




«О чем молчат мужчины»: «Квартет И» откровенно о любимых женщинах

I am a person very difficult, periodically fall into a mood reminiscent of unpleasant periods in women. And Rita have me to endure. And the schedule I have always had a complex – constant touring. Sometimes even no time to just sit down at the table in the evening. Performances sometimes last until 11, come home at 12 or even later. Rita herself is a workaholic in life: since the age of 14 was a model, she was later called in movies and on TV. He worked with Alexander Tsekalo on the “Big difference” for 8 years. And then the Director Dmitry Dyachenko called her assistant at the actors in our “curteousy” movie “Faster than rabbits”. That’s where we met.

I learned that we have a vector marriage, is unpredictable, violent, the most difficult of the five categories available. About this theory told me, it was interesting. Conflicts have proceed extremely rapidly, like in an Italian family. Beat not only the dishes, and sometimes each other. It does not hurt. The quarrel can happen to literally everything. In the beginning, when we were used to, sometimes went for three or four days. Now high night can not talk to each other, and once a year, probably, and the next morning put up. Rita forgiving, which is important. This allows us not to sulk for weeks and sleep in separate rooms. In fact, she is very gentle – if you like, dissolves in the person, gives herself.

We’ve been together five years, past relationships still somehow intervene in our lives. Wife took my son Ignatius from his second marriage. Always arranges the present holiday when he comes to visit us, with balloons, gifts, Desk, organizes leisure, guides to the Museum or planetarium.

Sense of humor my wife is awesome. But she doesn’t like jokes. Rita prefers all non-standard: it was interesting for her to I was just joking, grimacing.

Now a wife, a home and a farm. Recently, at my request, she stopped volunteering eight years went to the sick kids in a children’s home. But it’s incredibly hard. Plus he graduated from the school speakers, learned the Croatian language, now writing the third part of the children’s book, is Constantly evolving, not becoming a housewife, flying to resorts. Actually, without me, she likes to relax. Of course, I’ll be worried if she suddenly want to go somewhere alone. Rita absolutely can not live without the sea. Tolerate when I have no vacation. Would let her go to some enclosed resort with good combat girlfriend. But, in principle, a wife can look after herself, to fight back and word and deed.

At the moment our goal is the child that we really want. Even invented names. If it’s a boy, called Bogdan, if a girl, Alexandra or Muse. I’m 47, so I have, of course, to heal and to try. In may, a birthday present going to Margarita the car – a spacious Cooper Countrymen. I like giving her gifts, no matter the occasion or ordinary day.