«Секс в большом городе» вернётся на экран

More sex! As it became known to the Western media, the franchise “Sex and the city” will soon return to the screen. Here’s the truth, it is not clear – is it the sequel or we will again see Carrie Bradshaw and her new York friends on the big screen.

This slip actress Sarah Jessica Parker during a recent interview.
“I don’t think any of us will refuse to continue. However, it is hard to say, be it feature film or TV series” — said the actress.
Their willingness to participate in the continuation of the franchise also confirmed and Willie Garson, who played the friend Cary Stanforth, who said that most of the original team is willing to sign a contract right now.
“I know that the question of the continuation of “Sex and the city” opened for some time. Without a doubt, the possibility of creating new chapters is very high, and I know that Sarah and Michael (Michael Patrick king – Director – approx. ed.) already discussed this idea. Personally, I’m ready to start shooting right now. I think the fans miss us. The success of “Sex and the city” lies in the combination of funny situations and fashion images” — said the waiter.
Recall that after six seasons of the series, which was at its peak all the time of its broadcast, was released two full-length films – continuation of the project.