Сергей Шнуров выступил перед студентами и дал комментарий по поводу «Евровидения»

Yesterday, 26 September, took place the meeting of students of SPSU with the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov.

In conversation with students, they decided not to touch on global themes, but only speculate about the benefits of higher education, spoke about his career and his attitude to Eurovision.

So, Cords said that studying in institutions of higher education in a global sense does not bring any benefit. But it’s a great area and time to get social skills, acquiring certain knowledge, expand the horizons.

Sergei said that in his time he was also a student of the philosophical faculty of the Theological Institute. The knowledge he had gained over a few years of study, is only partly useful to him in life: “Hthen gave the study at the philosophical faculty? I’m no longer afraid of difficult words. I’m not finished for that am grateful. Because imagine how it is to Wake up with the idea that you’re a certified philosopher?”

Then Sergei made a loud statement that he doesn’t like to sing (unusual for the person who earns it), as “the singing man looks ridiculous”, and said that he’s only doing it “because it pays”.

By the way, their songs Cord also recommends not to be taken seriously, because it is, roughly speaking, “pop”: “How can we take seriously a popular song? How can you explain the meaning of life quatrain and the chorus? This is howl at the moon”.

Commented on Cords and their attitude to singing competitions, in particular the Eurovision”. We will remind, right after the “Eurovision 2016” the initiative was created, according to which in the next contest he was asked to send it to Sergei and his “Leningrad”: “we’ve Got too heated interest in this minor event. I don’t like competitions, don’t aspire to the title, as to premiums”.