Sergey Zhigunov has moved in races

Сергей Жигунов подался в бега
The actor hastily had to change residence.

Сергей Жигунов подался в бега

Sergey Zhigunov now knows firsthand,
how does it feel to be a bankrupt tycoon, who crave punishment and
investors, and defrauded real estate investors. Indeed, the new Comedy series “Fugitive
relatives” of CTC, he played a bankrupt construction tycoon
Boris Chuikina. As the authors of the project, the prototype of the character in Zhigunova
some extent can be considered a notorious businessman Sergei Polonsky, but
clarify that all Parallels in this story conventional. In the story hard times
Culkin decide to wait for their son, Dima (Dmitry Entaltsev), relations with
which put not easy, and after the head of the family in “odnushku” to the guy
moved from foreclosed on in Spain at home mom, played by Jeanne
Epple and sister (Asya Chistyakov). The situation is aggravated by the fact that Dima’s father
the bride in the performance of Anatoly Zhuravlev, moreover, that not happy with the choice
daughter Julia (Anna Andrusenko), so also is betrayed Caninum
the equity holder.
“I refused the offer to play because he worked on scripts,
but in the end I was wondering, because of heroes such as Chuikin, I still
was not, — says Sergey Zhigunov
— Boris — quasi-selfish, which to any problem is, as Carlson:
“Oh, case life”.
In one scene, when home Chuikina with a search warrant comes
the policeman, Sergei Zhigunova had to hang from the ceiling on a rope. “It seems to be
it’s time to go, but the partners still did not finish, and the Director asks for another take, and
yet, — says Sergey. Now, just for the shooting, which, by the way,
took place in Sochi, hasn’t done to me – and crayfish I was allowed, and water Lily, and
from Toli Zhuravleva head got, good that he immediately fell, and
additional duplicates not needed”.
Jeanne Epple admits that was dyed platinum blonde,
the actress believes that thanks largely to a fresh and bright image, it immediately
confirmed for the role. “Remember, we with Tolya Zhuravlev flew to Sochi and read
the script, the plane was literally shaking from our laughter, says
Jeanne. — Have not received such pleasure from the script and filming,
despite the fact that all day had to walk in high heels. But
pleased with all of our film crew when filming the episode where my character,
as always, in high heels, trying to get into the train, and the step height was
about a meter and a half, but in the end, this scene, in my opinion, the film was not included.
It’s funny that in a new image I did not recognize even friends. In fact, my heroine,
very eccentric, in which you can otovaritsya”.

Сергей Жигунов подался в бега

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