Сергей Светлаков: «Я не борюсь за уходящую от меня женщину» The actor said “StarHit” that doesn’t accept manipulation. Sergei Svetlakov admitted that his life did not arise comical situations while touring with the relatives of his lady. Unlike the heroes of his film “the Bridegroom”, he is a very responsible approach to the meeting with the parents of the future wife.

      Famous comedian and showman Sergei Svetlakov presented to the audience his new film “the Bridegroom”, which today was released. In the film he plays a former husband of the heroine, who is going to marry another. Character svetlakova fighting for the heart of the beloved with his rival-a foreigner. According to Sergei, in real life he doesn’t have to prove to sweetheart that he is better than other men.

      “Unlike your character I am a slightly different person. A woman who needs to be with me, be with me. You know, I never kept leaving me for a woman. Always believed that the most important thing is the maximum degree of openness, for me it was important to confess his feelings and intentions. After I did not found any response, or the woman wanted to she fought for a long time courted, or she had a choice and she tried to get me to show I’m better than others, I understand that this is not my man,” admitted “StarHit” Svetlakov.

      Sergey together with his colleague Alexander by Nezlobnym made as a writer. Despite the fact that all the characters in the movie fictional characters, Svetlakov still include some real history, and the characters turned out so close to life that the audience even sometimes recognize themselves in them. Alexander Nezlobin: “Wife know I’m all worried”

      “When we went with the premiere cities of Russia, we met people like our film, – continues Sergey. – Some were even offended and told us, “Well, I understand that this is about me. The hero of my words talking to”. Despite the fact that we’ve invented, in the picture there is a real toast to my grandfather. The sound of his real name and surname and what he came to Czechoslovakia. Here in this episode I had a sincere feelings.”

      The film shows the complicated situation during Dating of the groom parents of the bride. Svetlakov admitted that he always a very responsible approach to the first meeting with the relatives of his beloved woman. Sergei was married twice, so he had to go through this more than once.

      “In both cases in my life I picked the right words, honestly assured that all will be well, and I have serious intentions. I mean, I said everything I wanted to hear his wife’s parents. In such a situation as the hero of the film, I did not get. For me the theme of parents and grandparents sacred, I take this very seriously. Always tried to do what they would like to see this, try to keep some traditions. We do this in order to relatives it was nice and quiet,” – says Sergey.