Сергей Шнуров объявил о сборе денег на жизнь
The singer complained of a poor existence.

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Shnurov, apparently, in Bali has reached another level of enlightenment. The leader of group “Leningrad” held in the operation-“the long con”.

First the singer had announced in his characteristic poetic manner using profanity that he in Indonesia is not enough money for alcohol and fat. In this regard, he asked fans to transfer him money as much as they can to the star of Russian rock was able to afford a human being to relax on a luxury resort. In the comments to the post Cord pointed out the details on which he should transfer funds. As it turned out, the room card was “fake”. But fans seriously expressed their willingness to list your favorite artists money, if he will indicate the correct details.

Here Sergei Shnurov had a brilliant idea! He recorded a new video message to fans in which she explained that, of course, he is just what life is excellent and enough money for everything. But the ill children of the charity Foundation fellow singer Konstantin Khabensky very useful if money. The singer stated all the details of the Fund and explained how to transfer money. By the way, many fans of the Cord appreciated the impulse of the artist — and really sent a certain amount to the treatment of the children.

“You’re a good man!” summed up his fans.