Муж дочки Элвиса Пресли не оставил попыток обобрать жену при разводе
Lisa Marie Presley does not want to pay court costs.

Муж дочки Элвиса Пресли не оставил попыток обобрать жену при разводе

Lisa Marie Presley


As it became
you know, in the protracted scandalous divorce of Lisa Maria Presley and her still
legal spouse of Michael Lockwood was a new turn. The fact that Lockwood
demanded that Presley pay his legal costs, amounting to 450 thousand dollars. Lisa Marie, not surprisingly, strongly
refuses to pay that large sum.

repayment of litigation expenses was another attempt of Lakewood “shake” from
wife any money. His problem is that although the condition
49-year-old Presley is estimated at more than $ 50 million he is owed from them
penny. After all, when he is in 2006-m year, married Lisa, Michael agreed
to sign the marriage contract, according to which, in the case of divorce, each
remains “when.” He tried to claim spousal maintenance
arguing the fact that his personal income is $ 20 per hour.
Lockwood stated that his musical career was in decline, and
the only source of livelihood for him is to work in
store of musical instruments. But so far he has failed to achieve
favorable court decision.

The main stumbling block in the divorce process Lockwood and the only daughter of Elvis Presley, which stretches
with the summer of 2016, is the question of who gets custody of their two daughters a pair
5-year-old twins Harper Vivienne and
Finley Aaron. Each spouse requires sole custody. Lisa Marie’s sake
in order to achieve the desired even tried to incite her husband to the police,
accusing him of possession of obscene pictures of a minor. However, law enforcement officers investigating the case, found no corpus delicti.