Сергей Шнуров протянул Ольге Бузовой руку помощи The presenter appreciated the parody of leader of group “Leningrad”. Cords recorded a short video, which mentioned the star of “House-2” and her song “the sounds of kissing.” Apparently, she hopes to organize a duet with the rocker.

      Сергей Шнуров протянул Ольге Бузовой руку помощи
      Сергей Шнуров протянул Ольге Бузовой руку помощи

      Leading “House-2” Olga Buzova conquers the musical Olympus. Two girls song “the sounds of kissing” and “Used” became the leaders of the charts in a matter of days. Thousands of fans of the star filmed the commercials, which offered their version of the execution of these tracks. Couldn’t stay away and Sergei Shnurov.

      The leader of group “Leningrad” is on vacation in the USA together with his wife Matilda and friends. The rock singer shares photos of the beauty of Santa Monica and puts the frames with local representatives of show business. However, the Cords do not forget to delight his fans with short clips in which he sings to the guitar. The new roller rocker mentions the first song Buzova “the sounds of kissing.”

      “Music video Director I, in the course ****. To the sponsors I’ll get to the sounds, the sounds of kisses … I Buzova”, – these words the artist sings.

      The presenter, who is currently traveling around Europe, following the reaction to his work in social networks. Olga appreciated the global peace index recorded the video and asked him to work together. “Well, got my third hit with my countryman St. Petersburg”, – said Buzova, making a repost of the video.

      Fans happily accepted this news and started to insist that the stars must record a joint hit. Netizens expressed emotions in mini-clips with the participation of Shnurova. “It’s a masterpiece! Super”, “Hard. But the Duo don’t” “Now you need to invent something with the word “used”. And includes clips to take the album to sell”, “that’s a good idea for Christmas lights 2018”, – wrote the followers of the musician.

      His shares on his page rollers, in which its members or their relatives and performed the song “Used”.

      “Little Princess, you will find a long interesting life, and I hope to God no one got hurt. No man is worth our tears, girls! You say it, and repeat. Puppy love is priceless, because children cannot be fooled, They all feel,” wrote Olga under the roller with participation of children, who sing a new song.