Fans Nyusha discuss her engagement in Africa

Поклонники Нюши обсуждают ее помолвку в Африке Celebrity fans intrigued by unexpected news. Jane reported that the visit to another country on the eve of Old New year has changed her life. Fans of the actress decided that she made an offer hands and hearts.

      Поклонники Нюши обсуждают ее помолвку в Африке

      26-year-old singer Nyusha happy in a new relationship. Celebrity regularly shares in social networks presents from the boyfriend and publishes the status on the second half. Fans of the actress are happy with her happiness and wondering, when the performer will make an offer hands and hearts. However Jane is in no hurry to devote fans details his personal life. Recently, the star hinted at what went on romantic trip with a loved one. And the beauty of intrigued subscribers, informing about important changes in your life.

      “That’s so fly Friday the 13th full moon in Africa to celebrate Old New year… Absolutely no idea how this trip will change your life…” – said a celebrity in social networks.

      After fans read the post Nyusha, they left in disbelief. The fans began to ask the artist about what happened. However, celebrity has chosen to remain silent, keeping the intrigue. Many subscribers star asked her, whether we are talking about the engagement. According to them, the only offer of marriage could change a girl’s life. Particularly keen users of social networks saw the ring on his right hand Nyusha. “Intrigue”, “Share your joy”, “Stop torturing guesses How I want it to trip a pre-wedding gift”, “Think, Jane will soon go away”, “Change is always for the better”, “good for you” – he discussed those who follow the life of the performer.

      Later, Jane shared a photograph, which showed the ring. “Bride and I” – shared star.

      It is worth noting that earlier Nyusha repeatedly “giving in marriage”. Artist several times went out with a ring, which seemed to many a wedding. The singer prefers not to comment on the changes in his personal life, but in early November last year, Bruno Mars has openly stated that her heart is taken. It happened at a concert of the singer.

      Not so long ago became aware of the fact that Jane had an affair with the official General adviser of the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov. Paparazzi “caught” a couple in one of capital restaurants. According to journalists, the actress has already introduced her chosen relatives. At the moment the lovers live in three cities – Lausanne, where the headquarters of the organization Sivova, Moscow and Kazan. In an interview with reporters Nyusha did not deny his relationship with Igor, but chose to refrain from commenting on this topic. Jane had an affair with the influential official