Сергей Шнуров подставил рэпера Сяву The musician recalled how once he was deceived by the organizers. According to the rapper’s Save, once his team arrived without payment to give a concert, but the performance did not take place. As reported by the artist, these guys told him to Sergei Shnurov.
Сергей Шнуров подставил рэпера Сяву

Rapper Syava became famous after writing such tracks as “hearty”, “Rest well” and many others. However, many years it was not heard, although Vyacheslav Hahalkin (his real name) continues to create. He has two more projects SOVI and “Deep”: the tracks are different from his hip hop compositions.

Now the rapper Syava sometimes performs at corporate parties, but always check exactly who makes the order. Depends on sometimes and the amount that he asks, and his confidence in the organizers. Once the musician is faced with unscrupulous guys.

“A few years ago Sergey Shnurov has advised our project some kind of organizer in Omsk, in the EfE. Friendship decided to come without payment. And then the organizers just disappeared. Still the money was not given to us. Because of this situation, Sergei was extremely unpleasant,” said the city.

Rapper watching local rap artists and celebrates the creativity of Ivan Dorn, Kryptonite and LJ. According to Savy, he himself is not a certain contingent of admirers: some like his project SOVI, while others listen to good old hip hop. In the future, the musician wants to conquer European clubs. That is why he does not think about how to acquire housing in the capital.

“I rented an apartment. To purchase plan to, because I want to continue to ride. Maybe with the SOVI project will go to Amsterdam or in Miami, haven’t decided yet. I love trying different places,” said the city.

The rapper prefers not to engage in matters of personal life. In his spare time the musician paints pictures with acrylic paints and reads books. The lack of companion life performer explains that no woman will be able to make his schedule.

“I have no girls, unfortunately or fortunately. Few people can withstand me with my creative rhythm. To be a popular person – a difficult task. I like simple and sincere girls, which, by the way, in Perm very much. In Moscow is more difficult – there are many careerists. And I don’t go places to meet them: work, shooting and performances,” shared Syava in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.