Сергей Шнуров рискует оказаться в суде The scandalous leader of group “Leningrad” has angered a chain of fast food restaurants. Conflict with representatives of the company occurred after Sergey Shnurov has published in his microblog a poem with the mention of the brand.

      Sergey Shnurov does not cease to provoke their fans excitement. Recently in the life of the leader of group “Leningrad” there was an unpleasant event – the car his wife was burned in St. Petersburg. Now the musician risked in court. Representatives of the network of fast food restaurants has threatened the singer with the proceedings at the judicial level for his poem, which mentions famous brand.

      “This is a success! Flooded! No day without a trial!”, – posted by Cords on his page in Instagram, commenting on a screenshot of the relevant news.

      It is worth noting that fans of the band was horrified. Many strongly supported the idol. “Well you stay there, good luck, good mood and health,” – quoted Dmitry Medvedev one of his fans. “Dear Sergei, under one God’s hands and human laws, the ones in Russia. You would’ve saved myself and friends”, “I Propose to announce a competition subscribers Shnurov on the “magic” verse about this chain of fast food! Let us all sue,” “Man, hold on and don’t give up,” wrote Shnurova followers.

      It is a success! Flooded! No day without a trial!

      Photo published by Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs) Aug 5 2016 2:16 PDT

      Many of the fans of the stars did not even understand why the representatives of well-known brand so sharply reacted to the poem by musician, published in his microblog. Meanwhile, the company explained that his statements in social networks can lead to damage to the reputation of the brand. Representatives of the organization believe that because of the words of the singer, who is a public person, the buyers can form a wrong opinion about the firm. “This will negatively affect the company’s sales. Science known cases when the code or other advertising medium was the cause of hiccups,” — said the press service of the company.

      Sergey Shnurov rebuffed “fabulous” the Deputy from St. Petersburg

      The restaurant chain is going to force the leader of group “Leningrad” to pay compensation in the amount of 200 thousand rubles, or to require writing a new poem in which the organization will be referred to in a positive way, reports “Interfax”.

      We will remind, earlier this week the organizers of the concert of “Leningrad” was fined in Novosibirsk for the use of obscenities in the songs of the group. The amount of the fine amounted to 40 thousand rubles.

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