Сергей Майоров вернется в прошлое
NTV is preparing a new project of the famous TV presenter.

Sergey Mayorov

Photo: NTV

NTV will launch a new
the author’s project of renowned journalist and host, multiple winner
national television award “TEFI” Sergey Majorova. “Small earth” —
television documentary series, each episode of which includes
action-Packed and emotional journey into the past, to the origins of the unique biography of each of the characters.

In the project participated Alexander Ustyugov, Diana, Pavel Derevyanko, Anton Makarsky, Albina dzhanabaeva,
Maria Aronova and other stars. For the first time the
known and most popular artists, actors, TV presenters and athletes will allow
to go somewhere, where no one is allowed, and show his “small earth” such
what nobody else knows. NTV viewers will witness the touching
meetings celebrities with family and friends, who for many years
waiting for their return.

The project “Small earth” will give to each spectator a unique
the opportunity to visit the past of their idols, will walk in the streets of his native city, going to visit his relatives, years later to meet his first love, and cook on a favorite recipe
look into the school diary. Viewers will learn the secret history of celebrities about the first successes and
the failures of the first acquisitions and losses. Back in the dear place program participants into the environment
where everyone knows them for what they really are.

“It becomes clear
all the greatness of the prominent actors, musicians, TV presenters. What they are
beautiful, vulnerable, real. It is the return to those locations and
the scenery where nothing should come up. Played with them in the sandbox, went to
school, with them trying to smoke as they kissed. This is phenomenal! You
I understand that they are all very “big” and serious people, and I understand why
they became popular,” — said Sergey Mayorov.

Range of extensive, it covers the cities, the most remote towns and villages in the territory
Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Moscow and
Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd and Taganrog, the Irkutsk and Magadan, Penza and Astrakhan.
It is the main city of Estonia — Tallinn, and far Kazakhstan Ekibastuz, and
warm Ukrainian Odessa…

The project is conceived in the format originally
not involving the presence of lead. According to the authors, its presence could
to distract from the main. Immerse viewers in the atmosphere of what is happening a voice-over of Sergey Mayorov and love Camarinas.