Сергей Безруков отдаст дань памяти Владимиру Высоцкому
The actor and Director is preparing to introduce a unique setting.

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

25 July, memorial day
Vysotsky, the Moscow Provincial theatre will present a musical performance
“Vysotsky. The birth of a legend” directed by Sergei Bezrukov on stage
The Crocus City Hall. This performance the theatre will complete 4 th season.

The name of the poet, bard and actor Vladimir Vysotsky during his lifetime was
legend. It all started in post-war Moscow courtyard, where grew a modest
a boy from a military family who dreams of becoming an actor. And he became it, – and lived
hundreds of lives not only on stage and on screen, but also in their songs, which
heard the whole country.

The creators of the show are far from the idea to present theatrical boypic about life
Vysotsky, but I’ll try to answer the question: how does a legend? Image
Vysotsky not given a specific actor, it arises from played on the stage episodes
his life, confessional poems and songs. The play was based on memories
contemporaries, little known facts about the life of Vladimir Vysotsky, fragments of letters and
diaries. Like many poets, biography of Vysotsky’s written in his songs and
poems. Performed by actors of the Moscow Provincial theater will resonate most
famous of them, marking notable milestones of his life. “I love you”, “My Gypsy”,
“The ballad of love”, “My black man”, “Lyrical”, “I carried my trouble”,
“07” “fastidious Horses”, “On the Big Karetny” and many others. Songs
Vysotsky will be performed in different genres: from classical bard
the execution of guitar and orchestral arrangements in the style of 70-ies of the last
century — to a brand new rock sound.

“This performance is
a tribute to the great talent, genius — Vladimir Vysotsky, his
confessional work, — said Sergey Bezrukov. — This seems to be pathetic
words, but now he is really a legend. My and the older generation
grew up on his songs. In my childhood everyone in the house was his plate, and
not to know and not love Vysotsky was kind of weird. And now a lot depends on
us, will remember our children and those who will come after us. Most of
those who will read and sing Vysotsky’s songs in our show, is already
another generation, young people who were born and raised after the death of
Vysotsky and even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. For me it was important that they
passed through itself Vysotsky: his amazing sincerity, nerve and
the emotional intensity of his songs and poems. I think the unbreakable bond,
the continuity of generations: if we put a stop to this thread, the poems of Vladimir Vysotsky
will still be reading a hundred years. Singing his songs is not easy, because there are
amazing art photo. The most important thing is to live these songs, because
Vladimir Semenovich was an artist, he just sang, and lived them. So
and his poems you can’t just recite — the monologues of the author,
very confessional, sometimes a break”.