Сергей Лемох отказался от опекунства над внучкой

Сергей Лемох отказался от опекунства над внучкой

Famous Russian singer Sergei Lemokh, who is the lead singer of “Carmen”, recently refused to sign papers about guardianship over her granddaughter. This information was provided to journalists by the insider.

Sergei Lemokh is his daughter, who has long suffered from alcohol addiction, for which she was deprived of parental rights. The woman was undergoing rehabilitation, but all to no avail. Now she again began to drink alcohol, so the relatives were compelled to send it on treatment in narcological clinic.

The woman has a daughter Marina, which at the moment only 6 years old. After the troubled mother was deprived of parental rights, guardianship took the mother of Sergey Lemokh. The woman this year was 80 years old, and she frankly admitted that to educate a young child to her very hard, she is unable to cope due to health. Two months ago, the pensioner filed documents in guardianship, where the official refused to continue to foster a great-granddaughter. Sergey Lemokh knows about the situation, but to take responsibility for the fate of the child did not agree. The only relative of the Marina remained the elder brother Sergey, that is her uncle. However, he refused guardianship. According to the insider: “Baby turned out to be useless”. Marina was immediately transferred to a rehabilitation centre for orphans, where she is to this day. This center is located in a Wedge and is called “Consent”. The institution is designed for children under the age of 18 years with them there are specialists who help to recover from the moral and emotional trauma.

I sincerely want to believe that Marina will stay away from family not much time, and someone would have to take the baby back home.

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