Сергей Лазарев заговорил о реванше на «Евровидении» The artist does not exclude the opportunity to participate in the contest. Sergey Lazarev, this year representing Russia, took third place. However, the results of the audience vote, he became the leader.

      Сергей Лазарев заговорил о реванше на «Евровидении»

      Popular singer Sergey Lazarev have adequately represented our country at the recent music contest “Eurovision”. Despite the fact that the artist was considered one of the leaders among the participants as bookies, and ordinary viewers, he was able to win only the third place, having conceded to the representatives of Ukraine and Australia. The fact that this year the rules have changed – as a result of summed scores by a competent jury from each country and an audience vote. Fans were upset with this outcome of the contest, but I hope that Lazarev is still time to take part in “Eurovision”, where will definitely return with a victory.

      “Fans of the contest from other countries are constantly asking me to go back and take revenge. And I can say: if you once again meet the stars, find a team and most importantly — a great song, then why not? Wait and see,” – said Lazarev reporters.

      Now, the artist successfully tours with his show. He also was the special guest of the famous music festival “Slavic Bazaar”. Sometimes, the organizers invited the winners of “Eurovision”, but this year they decided to give preference to Lazarus, not taking the first place Jamal.

      Despite the fact that fans egged Sergei again to take part in the Eurovision song contest, the singer tries not to think on this subject and giving everything to fate.

      “I don’t think about it now. The contest ended just two months ago, and I’m really glad that my life has been such a great experience. When I went to the competition, I immediately said, what’s important to me isn’t a place that I take, and it is important to represent Russia. I think we did the maximum, I’m satisfied with my performance. The television audience, the audience gave us the first place, and it’s a great success. So I am not thinking about a return to “Eurovision”, – said Lazarev in an interview with Life.

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