Экс-супруга Станислава Дужникова скрывает нового избранника Kristina Babushkina Dating is far from a show-business person. The actress, who became famous for his roles in the popular TV series, not in a hurry to show the fans personal happiness.

      Экс-супруга Станислава Дужникова скрывает нового избранника

      Family life Doinikova Stanislaus and his ex-wife Christina’s Grandmother did not work. However, the actress of theatre and cinema did not remain alone for long. Star for several months, meeting with a new lover. However, she is in no hurry to publicize their relationship.

      According to Christina, her man is far from show business. He is a businessman and works in the energy sector. Grandma happy beside his lover, whose name she did not disclose. The lovers live together, but to formalize their relationship and don’t plan.

      Christina and her beloved man were seen together at the wedding of friends – Oleg Maslennikov-vojtova and Alina Borodina. The pair was sitting at a Banquet next to the newlyweds, because grandma became a witness for the bride. Invited to the celebration might have noticed that the actress and her partner throughout the evening, gently hugging and kissing.

      When the time came to throw the bouquet, Christina stood next to the other single girls. However, the wedding attribute she was never caught. Visit artist on Instagram” followers advised Kristine not to pay attention to prejudices. “I’m the bride’s bouquet caught! Probably not soon,” wrote grandma about a possible wedding. “Nonsense, we can do without the bunch,” said her close friend.

      The daughter of Stanislaus Dudnikova followed in his footsteps

      Meanwhile, actor Stanislav Doinikov, who broke up with his wife, actress Christine Grandmother, a few years ago, was able to maintain her friendships. The former couple even worked together at the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. Ex-wife stars of the series “Voronin said in an interview with reporters that at the time she was difficult to peacefully end the marriage, which lasted seven years.

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