Сергей Губанов попал во французскую полицию The actor was left without documents, and even in a foreign country. Traveling in Europe, star of the TV series “Dr. Richter”, was in a very bad situation. On the way from Italy to France Gubanov lost a bag with documents.

“When too many issues are addressed at the same time, something could fly out of my head, – shares with “StarHit” Sergey Gubanov. – Worst of all, when this is the most important and necessary. Deciding to drive from Italy to France by train, I loaded myself to the eyeballs. In addition to personal belongings and baggage, I have had many other bags and packs: something asked me to tell friends, plus I bought a lot of gifts. In General, I hung with was decent. Arrived. Began to disembark from the train. With the skill of Turkish dropship dragged all the stuff, loading the truck, drove to Park, going to rent the car.”

In an attempt to find the passport, Sergei realized that there’s no document. According to the artist, somewhere has got the bag, which was all: documents, money…

“And a new batch of perfume for my brand – continues the actor. – The loss last puzzled most of all – to repeat the same thing a second time will not be easy, it’s the only bottle I went to Grasse, where we is the production of components for perfume.”

Fortunately, Sergei volunteered to help the Manager of the car – he called the police and he, in turn, contacted representatives of the railway.

“He said that the attendants and inspectors will check the cars – says Gubanov. And if a bag no one took it, then after 2-3 hours she will have me. Wait for things to I went to the office of the local police, as it was there were supposed to deliver… Tried to drive away the bad thoughts, although the address of the Consulate was remembered”.

Gubanova recently even “lucky” with the documents. In the fall, he drowned on the set of a Russian passport, has now left the “foreign”…

“Less than two hours as police, who worked with me, came to me in the waiting room, and, smiling, said, “Found it!” My joy, of course, was not the limit. You know what it means to be in a foreign country without a passport: its restoration, it took a lot of time, which I have, alas, no. Next time I will try to be careful. And I advise everyone not to yawn, going abroad!”