Нумеролог: «Муж Екатерины Климовой читает ее мысли» Today the actress turns 40. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied date of birth Klimas and made a prediction for its future.

Over 17 years of creative activity celebrity starred in more than 50 films. However, the dedication does not impact on the personal lives of Catherine – she has four children: 16-year-old Elizabeth from her first husband, the jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov, 12-year-old Matthew ten-year-old Roots from the actor Igor Petrenko and two-year-old bell from the actor Gela Meskhi… Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied date of birth Klimas and made a prediction for its future.

“Catherine was born in “Day impartial icons,” says Clara.- Her life code 3282810 means that it is a carrier of the mark fame, she never had the chance to become a famous person. It refers to the type of people that just isn’t middle ground, so the star should always strive for growth – both professional and personal. Despite its popularity, the peak of her career still to come, it will become more in demand and popular. Star has the gift of foresight, it is not easy to deceive, because, among other things, she has excellent instincts.”

“Klimov’s very talented. In the programme there are almost all numbers, which suggests that, besides other positive qualities, a star even and harmonious people it is True that in her code there are no sixes, which suggests that Catherine tend to be lazy and does not like physical labor. But the fact that she was very lucky, open all doors, enter in which Klimov will.”

“Celebrity has always been surrounded by a huge number of fans not only because of its beauty. The fact that it has the ability to constantly impress others – this property is endowed with all who are born on 24 th. But Kate is very self-sufficient person and in relationships tend to put pressure on the man. That’s why she married for the third time – not everyone can live next to a such a strong woman like him. People weaker than yourself for energy Klimova, she does not come on in this report, crush his authority. But, despite the fact that her husband Gela under Catherine, his tendency to command is really for the benefit of their relationship. It 336314 life code says that he can rein in his wife. Plus Meskhi perfect father, he clearly expressed the line of the family. However, he is very jealous… But this is not a problem – Gela is a gift to read the thoughts of the couple that gives him the confidence that it is true.

Today her life begins a great period. At 41 she will be able again to become a mother. But the star must get rid of pride, otherwise it will pursue the disease.”