Сергей Горобченко рассказал, почему оказался в больнице
The actor is confident in the deterioration of his health to blame stress.

Sergey Gorobchenko

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Gorobchenko told why today he was extra
hospitalized in one of Moscow hospitals. The actor said that the main
causes of illness could be junk food, alcohol and the nervous
stress. This information Sergey shared by posting on the page
social network post. Gorobchenko did it after it became known that
he is in the hospital.

“Pancreatitis is a delicate matter… — says the actor. — The diagnosis
put doctors. Every can this happen. Gathered in the morning for casting, and
drove to the hospital. Well, things! Doctors say, this resulted in food, holidays,
alcohol and nerves. I don’t binge, but I can drink. It was quite in moderation. Food
also not Gestel. Remain nerves… Well, plus the holidays! Thank you friends, took
under the handle and brought! Treatment will be with cold, hunger and rest.” The actor urged
fans to monitor their health.

That the star of “Boomer” was in a hospital bed,
it was announced today. According to media reports, while at home, Gorobchenko lost
consciousness. Friends called the ambulance, after which the artist was urgently
delivered to the clinic. Now, next to Sergei, whose life is already out
danger is a loving wife Polina Nevzorova.