Sergey Bezrukov went back to the way Sasha White from “Brigades”

Сергей Безруков вернулся к образу Саши Белого из «Бригады» The artist presented to the fans the video for “Not about us”. In the video Bezrukov appears in the role of a desperate character, who goes to a duel with the enemy. Beloved Sergei, according to the story, trying to stop him. “And here is the long awaited clip, my dear, good! Look! Assess! Want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in its creation! Director! Composer! And, of course, our artists of the Moscow provincial theater! The first single from my rock band “Godfather”… our First video! Yay! To be continued, but in the meantime happy viewing!” – shared the artist.

Fans of Sergey Vitalyevich immediately responded to a heartbreaking story of love, shown in the video.

“The familiar way that they missed. Thank you, Sergey V., song, video, your movies in which you participate, for your talent!”, “Sergey V. cool! A video is embedded somewhere in the depths of the heart. Hoped, however, that in this steep way will see the hero of the movie, not the clip, Amazing, wonderful, gorgeous clip! All the 4 minutes ran down my spine, even tears!” commented on fans video.

“Some seem my image in the clip, a very familiar and welcome. But this is only the resemblance,” said Sergei.
Сергей Безруков вернулся к образу Саши Белого из «Бригады»

Indeed the plot of the video resembles the script of the series “Brigada”. The film was shown in 2002 and immediately gained great popularity and a huge number of reviews. The events of the film unfold in the period from 1989 to 2000. In the center of the plot is the story of four friends, United in a criminal group, whose leader was Alexander Belov, his role was played by Bezrukov.

“Brigade” was positioned as a “Russian gangster Saga”, millions of guys wanted to be like the main characters. According to the film’s Director Alexei Sidorov, an example for him were classical paintings of “Hollywood”: “the Godfather,” “Once in America”, “Scarface”.

Critics considered the film too romanticized gangsterism and the relationship between members of the criminal community. After the role of Sasha White he tried to do away with the image of the criminal. However, most fans (especially groupies) still crazy style Belova.