Сергей Безруков трогательно поздравил годовалую дочку The famous actor rarely shares details of his personal life, but for the sake of the birthday of the little machine made an exception. Sergei congratulated the girl, dedicating her post to Instagram and thanked fans for gentle words to the child.
Сергей Безруков трогательно поздравил годовалую дочку

July 4, Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison has marked the first birthday of his daughter Mary. The famous actor shared a touching photo, which depicts his wife with the baby on hands. In the picture can not see the face girls, but fans of the actor still delighted, because their idol rarely shows footage from the family archive.

“Thank you for the congratulations, my dear, good. Masha is already a year old! Thank you for your kind words and wishes,” wrote Bezrukov in Instagram.

Fans left hundreds of comments dedicated to-year-old girl. They excitedly want the baby health and happiness. “I congratulate You and Your wife Anna with the first birthday of their daughter mashenki”, “You need to have more children, such talents should be a lot”, “Let the baby is growing by leaps and bounds. Little Princess” – shared his opinion of the followers of the actor.

Fans of the doctor noted that the girl grew very strongly. They believe that the baby will inherit the talents of parents will contribute to the domestic film industry. However, while the actor is in no hurry to talk about first achievements of Masha.

Despite the interest of fans to his personal life, Sergey V. in social networking shares exclusively working moments. Recently, the actor visited the Summer festival of provincial theaters, where they were presented with a sketch of “the Cherry orchard”, supplied by them.

In 2017 planned release of the movie “Rogue”, which set actor’s wife, Anna matison. The couple is not the first time working together: their last joint picture of the “After you” received high marks both from critics and from viewers.

By the way, on the set became acquainted Sergey Vitalyevich with your future spouse. After working on the painting “milky way” the couple started Dating in March of 2016, the lovers are secretly married. Four months later, Bezrukov and matison became the happy parents of a girl Masha.

According to fans, Sergey V. is able to combine her acting career and parental responsibilities. The artist is not afraid to take a year-old Masha on tour, because he doesn’t want to be separated from family even for a day.