Parents “drunken boy” recognized victims in the case of negligence

Родителей «пьяного мальчика» признали пострадавшими по делу о халатности Investigators finds out circumstances of death of Alyosha Shimko, by a negligently carried out it is judicial-medical examination. Earlier it was reported that in the blood of six year old child was discovered an impressive dose of alcohol.
Родителей «пьяного мальчика» признали пострадавшими по делу о халатности

23 APR six-year-old Alex Shimko was hit by a car, at the wheel which was Olga beneficial. The child was walking in the yard in the town of Balashikha, where the family Shimko, when the accident occurred. After the accident the car dragged the boy ten feet down the asphalt and then stopped. The victim received injuries incompatible with life.

However, the scandal caused not so much by the death of the boy, as the results of forensic medical examination. According to the report, in the blood Alesha had attended alcohol in the amount of 2.7 ppm. The dose indicates a strong intoxication.

The parents of the deceased were shocked by the results, so spent an independent examination. Soon the Roman Shimko was the guest of the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov telling about your son and the investigation.

“Alyosha was an amazing boy, favorite child in the family. He was soft, gentle. He was loved by everyone: grandparents, educators in kindergarten,” recalled the affair in the broadcast transmission.

He does not even consider the possibility that Alyosha was found accidentally drank alcohol. Doctors found that the esophagus of the child was not annealed, and therefore, the fact of intoxication is questionable.

Now the boy’s parents, who died under the wheels of the car, received confirmation of their guesses: forensic medical examination, conducted earlier, was deemed negligent. This was reported in his Instagram Pavel Astakhov.

“Today, our Board lawyer Victor Danilchenko accompanied the Roman Shimko when carrying out investigative actions in the RF IC in the framework of criminal proceedings brought against those who falsified the results of the survey of blood samples of the deceased in the accident of a little Alyosha Shimko. Our Petition for recognition as the victim of the boy’s father is satisfied! Thank you to everyone who supports a Family Shimko,” – said Astakhov.

Colonel Yuri Lavretsky, who is now engaged in investigation of resonant Affairs, considers the expert opinion is questionable. He’s already talked to the family Shimko and now intends to interrogate Michael kleimenova, which was signed by results judicial-medical research.

Colonel Lavretsky, and was previously involved in controversial investigations. In particular, in 2014, he worked on the case of Sergei, who shot the teacher of geography of school №263 in Otradnoe. Now he intends to get to the bottom of the study of circumstances of death of Alyosha Shimko.