Sergey Bezrukov told about their emotions during the filming of “After you”

Сергей Безруков рассказал о своих эмоциях во время съемок фильма «После тебя»

The Director Anna matison is preparing to present at “Kinotavr-2016” his new job “After you.”

In the film, where we are talking about a former ballet dancer Alexey Temnikov, the main role is played by Sergey Bezrukov.

The movie trailer has recently appeared online. From the first seconds we see diversity as an actor Bezrukov. Sergey is incredibly accurately conveys the image, so we do not see Sergei-Sergei Bezrukov, Sergey seems to us-Alex Temnikov.

Now, what about working with the actor says the film’s Director: “it is Surprising that Sergei, being one of the greatest theater actors, is still not starred in the independent film,” says Anna matison. — The image that you see in the film, in my opinion, is a very fine work, absolutely reincarnation, when people, after watching the movie I began to search the Internet, who Temnikov. You will not find any cliché, which is traditionally used, inviting Sergey to a particular role. The script was written especially for him and under his ability, and I don’t know who else could build a role as did Sergei, and even just to deal with it physically. It is not enough to say: “Our hero — a former dancer of the ballet”, we have to see it in every step, every gaze, posture and gestures. Moreover, Sergei had to dance in the frame for myself.”

By the way, with execution of various elements of dance Bezrukov coped impeccably. It is a noted choreographer who was involved in staging dance numbers for the film Radu Poklitaru: “I have 40 years in dance. And I am very hard to surprise, ” says Radu Poklitaru. — But the first rehearsal with Sergey Bezrukov has me in shock! Neither I nor my assistant, Bolshoi theatre soloist Yan Godovsky, couldn’t believe what a drama actor, a person without special choreographic education, can move in complex, unusual dance plastic. Absolutely authoritatively declare that not every “Orthodox” ballet dancer can so fully and organically created itself in my choreographic language. I think the answer to this paradox is simple — it’s a Talent given by God”.

Bezrukov is recognized that during the filming of “After you” experienced mixed feelings. On the one hand it seemed to Sergey, that for his acting career he’s tried everything, on the other hand, made his debut in a new genre – the genre of auteur cinema: “In this film I again felt like a debutant, says Sergey Bezrukov. In 42 years it is hard to find something new in his profession, there is a feeling that you like all have already played. Temnikova role has opened for me new opportunities, it was interesting to play a completely closed, stingy on any emotional manifestations of man, at the same time — constantly “hold” the second plan, which should take the viewer. For me it’s a whole new experience, and frankly, I myself, by looking at whole material, do not recognize myself”.

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