Sergei Zhorin suffers attacks because of the scandal with the “Golden judge”

Сергей Жорин терпит нападки из-за скандала с "золотой судьей"
Recently, the main topic of discussion in the Network was the wedding of the daughter of a judge from Krasnodar Elena Kahalewai.

Сергей Жорин терпит нападки из-за скандала с "золотой судьей"

Many were struck by the scale of the event, which was invited to be the stars of domestic show-business.

Sergei Zhorin first protested so lush celebration, and now he found himself as the victim. His actions are checked by the Federal chamber of lawyers of Russia.

Сергей Жорин терпит нападки из-за скандала с "золотой судьей"

“That I supposedly lost some business in Krasnodar. Although I never participated in any hearing in the Krasnodar region. And many other lies, which is very easy to refute if you wish (take the time). But I got used to it. Not for the first time.

For me will not surprise any attempt of excitation concerning me criminal cases. Passed. And the desire to deprive me of the lawyer status is also predictable. However, I did not expect stab in the back. But, by and large, all this stuff. I’m ready for this, because they understood and gave a report of his actions”, – said the Zhorin.

In this story with the wedding is not all clear, but what is wrong, hopefully they’ll figure it out soon.

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