Сергей Сафронов раскрыл шокирующие подробности «Битвы экстрасенсов» Leading the project said “StarHit” that remains behind the scenes. Sergey Safronov repeatedly witnessed inexplicable things, but many of them could he find an explanation. The man has told, what the atmosphere is like on the court and as the creators of the show sometimes you have to wonder what is happening.

      Сергей Сафронов раскрыл шокирующие подробности «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      In September on TNT kicked off season 17 of “the battle of psychics.” Illusionist Sergey Safronov told “StarHit” about who placed a curse on him, about new participants and future finalists.

      “The project hadn’t begun, and these are the times – to me, it turns out, has put a curse! – he admitted “StarHit”. About in social networks wrote “the magician-healer”, Maxim Nikitin, and I learned from friends. At the rehearsal before a performance in St. Petersburg, I really was badly hurt – the trick was to hang on the needles, one broke and stuck into his belly, the end – surgery and five stitches. The influence of a higher power, according to Nikitin, it is unlikely that the place in this story. Easier to say “I made it for him” when something’s already happened.”

      Some mages do lead, on the contrary, formed friendships, they even tried to support it.

      “Gave me charms, but I trust the Orthodox cross, continues Safronov. – Six years ago the whole family gathered for the christening of my daughter Alina. The priest said a prayer, looked at me intently, frowning, and said: “do Not you “the Battle of psychics” to remove. It’s all from evil!” I did not take his words to heart. The psychics are skeptical, but I confess that in 2010 felt get in my head. It was Lily Khegai on the test with hockey player Alexander Kharlamov. Psychics had to find the place of death of his father and to say who he was. Lily kept saying something about a stick, I asked her to draw. For a few seconds I blacked out, and on paper, it elicited the letter “G”. At the scene there is a monument – just stick and puck”.
      Сергей Сафронов раскрыл шокирующие подробности «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      The new season Safronov was impressed with just three members.

      “This is Darius Voskoboeva returned Marilyn Kerro and Dasha Swami. The last struck me on shooting in the house, where, according to the hostess, lives a spirit of a witch. The woman bought the mansion, every time on the threshold she became ill. Dasha decided to help her, did something, and then she quietly entered the house.”

      New “Battle of the psychics: the millionaire, the risen prophet and adviser to Yeltsin

      Apparently, the mansion is really not all clean. An unpleasant story happened with the operator of the project. “While shooting our employee Valentina suddenly became bad, – continues Sergey. – He lost consciousness, fell to the floor and huddled in convulsions. We didn’t know what to do, his mouth started foaming, he turned blue, horror! Came Voskoboeva, put his head on his hand and our Valya came to life. None of the crew had not known that he suffers from epilepsy. And still it remains a mystery what caused the seizure, the disease or the spirit of a witch.”

      Сергей Сафронов раскрыл шокирующие подробности «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      As for Kerro, a leading think – she knowingly went back to the project. And did it not quite fair.

      Marilyn Kerro: “I Have only one rival”

      “Mary had to undergo the qualifying test, but I saw her on the show. Somehow Kerro came up to me, lifted my shirt and showed his body, all inscribed with hieroglyphics. Said: “This is Hello from the Sheps”. Then, the operator admitted that he saw, as she drew all these squiggles with a Sharpie, but perhaps Sheps delivered the message to her in the distance. Participants need to always be alert. They all want to win and ready for the trick. But the third time to come for “Crystal hand” too much. If Mary believes that he is able to win, will have to try – there is a chance that the prize will go again, not to her but to reach the final of a hundred percent.”