Fans are crying Maria Pogrebnyak nothing to do with the face

Фанаты умоляют Марию Погребняк ничего не делать с лицом Fans believe that she is too carried away with improvement appearance. Maria Pogrebnyak, carefully watching how it looks, was condemned because of what he did the usual cosmetic procedure. Followers believe that the 28-year-old wife of a famous football player only spoils your face.

      Фанаты умоляют Марию Погребняк ничего не делать с лицом

      Maria Pogrebnyak is considered one of the most spectacular and successful wives of Russian players. Raising three sons, she successfully combines a career as a designer and model. The young woman does not regret the time and money to maintain their beauty, 28-year-old Maria is in a perfect shape, has the perfect shape and never misses a chance to demonstrate it to followers of the microblog, often receiving compliments.

      However, not all followers tend to support Maria Pogrebnyak in her quest to look good. Many children the mother often gets from the enemies, reproached her that she pays too much attention to their appearance. Not long ago, the pretty blonde posted on Twitter a video made in the office of a cosmetologist. Video Maria accompanied by commentary on what procedure she had specialist.

      “I tried needle free mesotherapy, and remained in admiration, this is a great alternative to injections! For me, the doctor picked up 2 serums, one from dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and the second saturates the skin with oxygen, gives a pronounced lifting effect of the skin, perfect in the correction of gravitational ptosis and smoothing skin relief. Now I will do the full course and to share with you my impressions,” wrote Maria Pogrebnyak. At this time, members of a footballer’s wife in no hurry to bestow her with compliments. Most of them felt that Maria Pogrebniak spends time in the office of a cosmetologist is not just in vain – it goes to their own detriment.

      “What kind of lifting at your age? Why?” “Masha, stop. Your face is fine, don’t have to do anything”, “And then a 45 would look on a 60, why at your age you are ruining the face?”, – puzzled the followers of the blonde.

      By the way, last winter members suspected Maria Pogrebnyak in rhinoplasty. A young woman has provoked a debate about the conversion to plastic surgeons, posting selfies and telling how with makeup you can visually improve the shape of the nose. However, fans did not believe the wife of the football player, and talk about the fact that Maria Pogrebnyak still had the surgery, do not cease till now. “Hey, haters, here it is perfectly clear that no nose Mary did, and you need to look at the photo without makeup, and then assert,” commented videos Pogrebnyak one of the fans.

      Surprisingly, giving birth to the boys every two years, the eldest son of Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak, Artem nine years, middle-Paul, seven, Junior Alex five years – mother of many children in 28 years has a more toned figure than in 19. Body in case: mothers of large families, whose figures are staggering

      The secret of her slim silhouette – daily fitness classes and low-calorie food.

      “After three births it was hard to put in order the skin and muscles of the abdomen. I, like everyone else, believed that there are supertable for quick weight loss. All lies! Where I just ordered! Spent a lot of money, but the miracle did not happen and will not happen is advertising. Both sports and proper nutrition. We must refuse from flour, sweet, fatty”, — shared the Maria Pogrebnyak.