Сергей Рост попал в жуткую аварию The man miraculously survived. As described the Growth in his taxi crashed into another car. Both cars were mangled. A celebrity can’t believe that he was all right. He urged people to be careful on the roads.
Сергей Рост попал в жуткую аварию

Actor Sergei Rost was in a terrible accident. According to the artist, he’s lucky he was still alive. In the microblog the man showed what happened to the car in which he was riding. The car looks like a mangled pile of metal. The celebrity followers are not alarmed at the joke. In the caption to the picture the growth of the described accident.

“I went to the rehearsal by taxi. Black cruiser with the alien region has sharply turned from the extreme left to the extreme right. In General, I’m alive, but the machine in the trash. Take care of yourself! Everything hangs on a thin thread,” explained Rost.

Many admirers of the artist was glad that everything was OK. “What a nightmare, be careful”, “Thank God you’re okay! The horror!”, “Be careful, please, and take care of yourself!” “We must always believe in guardian angel,” wrote a follower.

Recall that Sergei the Growth removed in a number of TV projects. This year on the screens out the melodrama, “When I stop drinking” with the actor. One of the last prominent roles of Growth is a lawyer of the “Londongrad”. Popularity of the actor brought the show “Caution Nouveau!”, which they made together with Dmitry Nagiyev in the late 90s.

When closed the transmission, in the press there have been many talks about the fact that they were unable to resolve financial differences. Also there were rumors that Dmitry had betrayed a colleague.

“Dima – on the one hand, this is my strongest human affection was in life, if you look back into the past. And, accordingly, most of my strong disappointment in people, in friendship and in everything. Such pain, such shock, what he’d caused, I did not put anybody” – said the Growth journalists.

In the microblog Sergey shares his footage, filmed during a tour and also shows images of theatrical productions. Often on the personal Growth page, you can find rare pictures of the other stars.

“I’m doing in films, TV series, play in theatre, do the transfer, watching TV, driving and doing all sorts of different needs, useful, useless and even harmful things” – so says about themselves Growth.