Serena Williams before the wedding is worn on the hands

Серену Уильямс перед свадьбой носят на руках
Groom of the tennis player proved to be stronger than expected.

Серену Уильямс перед свадьбой носят на руках

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian


Serena Williams not
overjoyed for her fiancé Alexis Ohanian. As says the famous
tennis player, it combines all imaginable advantages.
“He’s just incredibly, amazingly good man!” — told me recently
a happy Serena.

Serena Williams


Besides, according to Williams, Alexis also extremely
smart: there’s a reason he was able to start a highly successful Internet project, which has already brought Ohanyan half a billion dollars. And
now he showed himself more as a very strong (in the literal sense
of the word) athlete.

beautiful sports form of Alexis was the new photo Serena posted
in his microblog. The groom with no visible
efforts keep your favorite on hand. While Selena claims that
weighs only 77
pounds, believe it not all. Some
I believe that, if we take into account the growth of 1 meter 75 centimeters and powerful
muscles athletes, it can not be less than 80 pounds. But
Alexis managed to hold his bride, still smiling radiantly!

So Serena,
who’s Dating Alexis about a year and since last December listed him
bride, there is real hope that
after the wedding, the Minister will carry her in his arms. Speaking of the wedding… Specific
the date of the wedding, the future newlyweds have not yet appointed. As commented
the situation Serena, first she needs to play all important tournaments and
then plan the ceremony.