Для сиквела хоррора «Проклятие Аннабель» нашли режиссера

Film Studio New Line has recently announced the creation of the sequel of the horror film “Annabelle Proklyatie”.

For a long time the project was in limbo – the project was virtually unknown. Today some details clarified. In particular, naming the Director who will attempt to create horror that can compete with his predecessor.

For the filming of “the curse of Annabelle-2” taken Swedish Director David Sandberg who became famous for the main role in a short Comedy action film “Kung fury”.

Production function of the new project entrusted to Peter and Canada by James WAN, and the script writes the author of the first film, Gary Duberman. The premiere of the sequel scheduled for may 19, 2017.

We will remind, the first part of “the Curse Annabel” put John R. Leonetti, and it was a spin-off of the movie “the Spell”, telling the story of the demon possessed doll Annabelle, who was found paranormal researchers ed and Lorraine.. The action of the original takes place in 1969, but the plot of the sequel information yet.

With a budget of $ 6.5 million for the horror film managed to earn more than $ 250 million. Based on these data, the sequel has the same chance of success.


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