Сенсация: Бритни Спирс впервые в жизни стильно оделась

The Princess of pop was spotted while walking in London. I think she decided to say goodbye to the old gaudy robes!

Britney Spears regularly shocking fans and fashion critics with their, to put it mildly, outspoken toilets. And it’s not just about the red carpet, but also about the daily life of the star. However, it seems that the situation is radically changed. With a new body Britney’s new style!

This outfit, in which Britney Spears was spotted on the streets of London at the end of September 2016, you may want to call the most stylish and harmonious for the entire career of the singer! Any transparent lace, the tops in BDSM style and sporty sweatpants with stretched knees. More recently, Britney prefers exclusively to the feminine toilets, emphasizing her newfound shapely figure.

For access to the public star chose a dress with black and white flower pattern and bowknot on the neck, which she added a black wool coat-dress, wide-brimmed hat and suede bottomtime. Let the way and was a little more Frank than was necessary, he looked quite elegant. What do you think?