Semyon Slepakov may lose his Russian citizenship because of the song As many say, he's finished.< p>
Semyon Slepakov may lose Russian citizenship because of a song Semyon Slepakov has long been fled from Russia to Israel. He does not try to hide his vile disguise, on the contrary, he tries to make money on it. His mournful repertoire, which did not shine with variety, began to be supplemented with new products – songs discrediting Russia. And in the last “hit” Slepakov makes fun of the mother of the deceased Russian soldier. The public calls to deprive Slepakov of Russian citizenship.

Semyon Slepakov may lose Russian citizenship due to songs

“Slepakov is a completely outrageous nit and bastard”, “Semyon Slepakov, who hangs out in Israel, decided that a great topic for his new mocking song is the mother of a dead soldier. Russian, of course. Sema, let's say something like that about the mother of an Israeli soldier. I really want to see how long your stay in the Promised Land will last after that, ”journalists and public figures quite rightly turn to the artist.

Semyon Slepakov may lose his citizenship of the Russian Federation because of the song

In general, you should not worry, people like Syoma, if it suits them, they will sing about the Russian mother, and about Israeli, while changing his place of residence, from an angle, so to speak.

Recall that in 2021 Semyon Slepakov divorced his wife, which greatly affected his appearance. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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