Селена Гомес в очередной раз защитила Хейли Болдуин от гневных хейтеров Instagram

Селена Гомес в очередной раз защитила Хейли Болдуин от гневных хейтеров Instagram

27-year-old American singer Selena Gomez has never entered into open conflict with the wife of her former lover Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin. However, the public think that if Justin broke up with Selena because of the new girl, the feud between Gomez and Baldwin must be present. And to confirm this fact, haters are constantly trying to find the reason why.

12 January 2020 Selena with her friends went to one of the famous restaurants of West Hollywood to have dinner and celebrate the successful release of her new track. Completely by accident in the same place at the same hour in the school was the model Hailey Baldwin. Wife Justin Bieber came to the restaurant to meet his old friend Madison beer. Naturally, fans Gomez decided that Haley came to this place, his presence to spoil the mood and celebration of the singer. They did not believe there could be such a coincidence.

Madison and Haley had a fun time and, of course, I decided to finally take a picture. Girls issued a joint frames on their pages on Instagram. However, Baldwin has used the auto-hide feature of the ability to comment on your posts, but the bear decided that nothing serious will happen if fans write a couple of lines in their address. Madison was not right and angry fans Selena pounced on its publication with lots of negativity. The haters were not modest in their expressions, calling Haley a “Toxic snake”.

This behavior of the fans was very upset Selena Gomez, she also went to the latest publication to Madison and left there a message to the public. Singer wrote that to read such disgusting comments to her and she is very disappointed that people can write to each other a lot of shit. Gómez affirmed that this meeting was indeed unintentional. He also assured his fans that Haley did not spoil her mood, so the problems she sees.

This incident is not the first time when Selena turned to his fans to become kinder and left Baldwin and Justin alone. She always encourages the public to be kinder and not to push their foreheads with the wife of a former lover.

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