Ксения Пунтус выпала с третьего этажа в Москве: подробности случившегося

Ксения Пунтус выпала с третьего этажа в Москве: подробности случившегося

21-year-old Russian model and actress Kseniya performed same functions fell from a third floor window of the apartment of his beloved. So far, the details of the incident not, however, the journalists managed to learn some details of the incident.

The incident occurred in the night from 10 for January 11. The apartment, with Windows which had the girl belongs to her beloved Andrew Bukavu. The guy is the grandson of film Director Nikita Mikhalkov. At the moment the girl is in the intensive care unit of a Moscow clinic. According to doctors Xenia dislocated hip, multiple contusions of the spine, the lungs, and a hematoma in the brain. Now she has suffered the most important operation and is in stable but serious condition.

As Russian media reported the girl was found by a road service employee. He called an ambulance and the police. When the police arrived on the scene, she was conscious and asked to provide her medical care. At the same time, police found Andrei Borkov in his apartment, the guy slept and learned about the incident from law enforcement.

The same information was confirmed by witnesses, namely, friends of the couple. Is this evening the company had a rest in one of the bars of Moscow, and young people are very much touched with alcoholic beverages. Friends helped the couple to enter the apartment, and saw Andrew immediately went to bed. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies at the moment other information, they find out the fact that the use of Xenia and Andrei psychotropic substances. At the moment there is a consequence, and clarified the details.

This information is publicly denies best friend performed same functions also model Ales Kafelnikov. She says that that night she was present in the bar along with everyone, and young people had consumed only alcohol, of any psychotropic and narcotic substances were not discussed. Ales says the police and the public that Xenia found the janitor, the girl was naked and beaten. Due to the traumatic brain injury model do not remember what happened to her. According to Alesya, rich parents present that evening young people are trying to hide from all the truth. However, she and the parents of Xenia are confident that the story with a fall from the window of a lie. Kafelnikov hopes that soon a friend will start to remember at least some moments of that evening and the whole truth will come out. So far, she just prays for the health of Xenia.

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