Selena Gomez attended a concert of a former boyfriend

Селена Гомес посетила концерт бывшего бойфренда

The countdown has begun? Singer Selena Gomez was eager to prove to everyone that she was tired from her ongoing romance with Justin Bieberthat is not going to go back and actually “hear about it does not wish” that it some even believe. But we are not. And no mistake: yesterday the singer was spotted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles at a concert of his former (former?) the beloved Justin Bieber.

Селена Гомес посетила концерт бывшего бойфренда

The canadian singer performed songs from his new album Purpose, but the audience wasn’t looking at him, they, according to eyewitnesses, looked at Selena in the audience and tried to anticipate her expression to be a novel between them, or not.

Селена Гомес посетила концерт бывшего бойфренда
It is unknown whether it has affected the decision of Gomez, but four days ago, Justin posted on his page on the social network picture with Selena they kiss.

On the same day, Bieber told fans the sad news – due to the depletion of stops he met with fans, held in the framework of his tour “Purpose” and the cost of which was estimated at two thousand dollars per person. Justin said that he was bitterly to do it, but he prefers to give people a great show, and not just idle chatter, albeit quite sweet.


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