Шон Пенн натолкнулся на поклонницу в собственном доме

While actress keira Knightley is glad that now she can not be afraid to leave home because of obsessive attention to her suitor, actor Sean Penna only have to go through all lawsuits of the same nature.

The star of the movie “gangster squad” intends to seek the sentence for 51-year-old woman who was stalking him is not the first month.

Penn told the police that for a long time, he will receive phone calls and e-mails in which the unknown spoke with him not just as a friend or acquaintance. She spoke as if from the foam their long time associate romantic feelings.

Apparently, considering that Sean is her man, the woman decided to take a desperate step and went inside his house. It is important to note that while the actor was at home. This was repeated a second time, however, the neighbors called the police and the woman was taken to the station.

Now the obsessive fan will be tried for stalking, and to decide its fate will be a trial and probably psychiatric examination.

Penn himself comments on the incident does not.