Ученые узнали привычку, которая делает людей богатыми

The researchers believe that in order to have a lot of money, it is not necessary to have an excellent education or a unique idea. In another case!

How many times have you wanted to become Coco Chanel, Steve jobs or J. K. Rowling? And invent your little black dress or “man’s best friend” – ipone? But, as it turned out, this does not have to be a genius.

American scientists are confident enough to develop the habit. And that’s one habit makes people obscenely rich…

And here they discovered America. As it turned out, the main feature of all successful and wealthy people – just strategic thinking. Enough to spend just half an hour a day to just sit and think.

Topics will agree, can be different: career, Finance, family, relationships with business partners and friends. And, the rich, as a rule, in these moments I set some goals, isolate the problem and think over their decision.

Researchers have no doubt that this brainstorming promotes a successful career and the accumulation of untold wealth.

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