Олег Табаков и Марина Зудина рассказали о начале своего романа
The relationship of the actress and the artistic Director of theater ensued on the set of tales for children.

Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina in the movie “After rain on Thursday”

Photo: Sergei Ivanov

This year marks 60 years since then, as Oleg Tabakov played her first film role. The reasons for such creative longevity the artistic Director of theater that bears his own name famous: talent, charm and everyday work. Dozens of memorable roles, among which Schellenberg in “17 moments of spring”, of calving in the film, Mikhalkov, Pavel Petrovich in “Unfinished piece for mechanical piano”… Children still love the intonations of his cat Matroskin in the cartoon “Three from Buttermilk”, still popular its king in the fairy tale “one, two — the mountain does not matter!” and Koschei the deathless in “After rain on Thursday”… For this role Oleg Pavlovich invented a special metal lining on the teeth that did the best specialists of the clinics of the Bolshoi theatre. With the filming of this picture and relates a romantic story — it was then developed novel Oleg Tabakov and his wife Marina Suginoi.

“His teeth did I was not frightened, — tells Marina. ‘It was the best time. We were shooting in Yalta, and in the evening went with Oleg Pavlovich dinner in the restaurant of the hotel “Oreanda”. Surrounded by beauty, everything is blooming (it was may). Actually, then my mind was more occupied with filming and feelings, love… But to dive in head first I could not from time to time I had to leave from Yalta to Sevastopol. Because in parallel I shot was in two scenes. In Sevastopol — in the movie “Valentin and Valentina”. My sister played Larisa Udovichenko. And she is already a star, honored artist, offered me, a third year student, staying in a double Suite where we wanted to settle together and chose normal. Said, “you Got the lead and in the “Suite” you have to live…” it touched me, even though I was very uncomfortable…”

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