Скарлетт Йохансон рассказала о необходимости оставить работу ради ребёнка

Scarlett Johansson, whose career went up, and personal life goes to hell, is engaged in the promotion of the film “Ghost in the shell”. As part of the promotional campaign, the woman gave an interview in which he spoke about the need to leave work for the child.

As you know, Scarlett, along with her husband Romain Doriana a daughter rose. The couple lived happily ever after-were making good in Paris, where Johnson literally ran away from the Hollywood hustle to build their family nest. First, the actress was all arranged, but now, when relations with the Roman gone, she wants to get back to work in the United States. Ahead of former lovers difficult divorce and sharing custody of daughter. Scarlett promised not a word to utter about it, but no-no and will let you know what it’s like to be a working mom.
“When we were filming “Ghost in the shell” I still fed her daughter breast. This is a very down to earth. If you need to recover is a great thing. Us Actresses sometimes you need to leave work for the child. I want to be a mother who is present in my daughter’s life, and I’m thankful that this is my reality at the end of the day,” said Scarlett.
Johansson incredibly quickly came into shape after the birth of her daughter shooting could not have to wait long. She admits that worked hard and followed the diet, but for 32-year-old actress is a usual thing.
“I got up, went to the gym, eat diet food, went to work, came home to sleep and knew that tomorrow I will be the same schedule. I must say that this routine sucks. I’ve always been a supporter of the regime and discipline, and it helped me to focus on my work. I’m not familiar with the breakdowns, I know I deserve every piece of cake, which he was able to treat myself” — admitted the actress.