Melissa George has told of her abusive husband

Мелисса Джордж рассказала о жестокости мужа

Australian actress Melissa George six months ago shocked the audience by saying that for many years live side-by-side with a home tyrant, whom is her husband, a French entrepreneur and filmmaker Jean-David Blanc< /strong>. In five years of marriage the woman remained constantly under verbal insults, abuse and even beatings of her husband. She endured the torture for the sake of their children, and now, for their sake I decided to break this infernal circle.

Мелисса Джордж рассказала о жестокости мужа
The star of the show “Spy” told about this incident in an interview with TV program “Sunday Night”.
“When I was defending myself from his blows, it seemed to make him even more angry. He strongly pushed me I fell and hit my head on the door. After he helped me up and then punched in the face. I felt my lips bleed from his nose, weakness was so strong that I could not get up. Then he leaned over me and said, “now I see that you’re a real actress”” — said with tears in her eyes, Melissa. When she reached for the phone to call the police, he again hit her.
“He grabbed my head and beat on the metal hanger. I got out and scratched his face. I really felt that it kills me,” said the actress. Being able to run out of the house, Melissa took a taxi and went straight to the police, and the guards immediately called the ambulance.

Мелисса Джордж рассказала о жестокости мужа
She hoped that by telling about the bloody incident, will be able to persuade authorities to allow her to return to his native Australia with children. Husband denies involvement in the incident and claims that she beat him.
The artist wanted to go home with the children to Australia, but the police literally removed her from the flight because the spouse said on the abduction of children. George insists that children should live with her where she feels the need, and their father can visit them whenever you want. For the duration of the trial, Jean-David reaches another bottom, sending his wife a strange text message it will also apply to their claims in court.
“I’ll say that again and explain that you need to stop breastfeeding my son Solana, otherwise you’ll destroy it. He wakes up in the night and requires the breast, but not milk. And what do I do with it?? You will have to put their Breasts in a bag and hand it to me, other outputs I do not see” — says he is still the legitimate wife. Melissa is angry and believes he passes all bounds.

“You may take my country, my career, anything you want.. But to take a small child from the nursing mother for a week, and even bully them – is the ultimate cruelty,” said Melissa. The woman wonders how she had not considered in the gallant male son of a bitch. Judicial proceeding, but this is not the first case demonstrating how French law stands on the side of the father, and not a foreign mother.