SCANDAL! Vladimir Pozner harshly criticized the television award TEFI

СКАНДАЛ! Владимир Познер жестко раскритиковал телевизионную премию ТЭФИ
The presenter made a categorical statement.

СКАНДАЛ! Владимир Познер жестко раскритиковал телевизионную премию ТЭФИ

Vladimir Pozner

Photo: Instagram Vladimir Pozner

Euphoria all participants and organizers of the ceremony TEFI,
which was presented last night, apparently passed — after it was
published an open letter to Vladimir Pozner, unhappy with the vote and
results. Full text of the address given below…

“In connection with yesterday ceremony
national television award TEFI I felt it important to contact
Industrial Committee with the following open letter: Dear Sirs! Turn
to you with a request to refrain in the future from the presentation of the sculpture of Ernst
Unknown “Orpheus” to the winners of your contest and also to give
from the name “taffy”.

Let me explain the reasons for my request: When in 1994
at the initiative of a small group of enthusiasts established the Academy of the Russian
television and when I was elected President of the Academy, I
the request of his colleagues turned to the prominent sculptor Ernst Neizvestny with
a proposal to create a suitable prize to be awarded to the winners of all-Russian
contest “TEFI” (the name was coined by Maria Shakhova and adopted by the management
Academy). Encounter with the Unknown took place in his Studio in new York where
he at one time was forced to leave due to persecution in the Soviet Union and the inability
to exhibit their work. After some thought, Unknown suggested
make the prize a bronze sculpture of Orpheus, playing on the strings of your
with an open heart.

However, prior to the contract with the Academy Unknown asked
for him, the two fundamental questions: May I, as President of the Academy,
to ensure that the selection of the finalists and winners will be democratic? I
said that as President of the Academy can ensure that you will put this all
efforts. Cannot however promise that he will do so, not to mention the fact that I
when someone will be replaced.

If I can promise that if democracy is choice
recipients of Orpheus is not respected, I will do everything in my power to
the statue was no longer given? I said Yes, that I promise him.

I would like to remind those who don’t know, as well as those who
forgot that with all the rough edges and shortcomings of the competition “TEFI” choice
the finalists and the winners were absolutely democratic: it took
the participation of all the members of the Academy, each decided for himself, in the discussion of any
nominations he wants to attend, and choosing the winners was attended by all
without exception, the members of the Academy. The election of finalists and winners was kept secret, and
thanks to the participation of the company “Ernst & young” the names of the winners
known only when declared from the stage. For this order I personally
was responsible as President and am proud that he is strictly observed.

I was President of the Academy for a little less than 14 years and
was a witness to the prestige enjoyed by the competition, which is true
the joy experienced by winners. I would like to note that the President was elected by all
members of the Academy every two years, that is quite a democratic way. Also
it is important to recall that a member of the Academy could be any person working in TV,
for this he needed or two recommendations of colleagues or he
had to get on the list of candidates provided annually
parent company. There were, however, people who thought that the Academy should be
few and consist of a kind of elite, but the upper hand in this dispute
won the supporters of the Academy, representing as fully as possible all television
community. Today members of the ART are 557 people.

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  • СКАНДАЛ! Владимир Познер жестко раскритиковал телевизионную премию ТЭФИ
    Vladimir Pozner

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СКАНДАЛ! Владимир Познер жестко раскритиковал телевизионную премию ТЭФИ

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СКАНДАЛ! Владимир Познер жестко раскритиковал телевизионную премию ТЭФИ

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