Scandal! Nephew Meghan Markle was detained with a knife in a nightclub!

Скандал! Племянника Меган Маркл задержали с ножом в ночном клубе!
The wife of Prince Harry, seem to have no luck with relatives.

Скандал! Племянника Меган Маркл задержали с ножом в ночном клубе!

Meghan Markle


Barely a day since the celebration of the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as a scandal erupted. The nephew of the newly-made wife of a Prince (son of
brother of Megan’s father — Thomas
Markle, Jr.), was caught trying to smuggle a knife in a nightclub!

25-year-old Tyler decided to go with a friend to the club
to have some fun. When he was getting ready to go inside, security at the entrance
heard, not believing his ears as Tyler boasted to a friend that he
got a knife with a blade of 10 cm length. Brave explained: “President trump
said the now London — area
high risk. So I stocked up with a knife in self-defense!”

The guard, of course, demanded that the young man immediately gave
he edged weapons, then buddy whispered to Tyler that it is now
arrested, and he panicked and ran away. The police confirmed that was caused on
place and withdrew the knife. However, nephew Megan has not yet arrested as he
fled in an unknown direction.

It is curious that Tyler, which constantly lives in America, came to London
no accident. Although neither him nor the father of a young man Megan the wedding is
invited, both defiantly arrived in the British capital a couple of days before
marriage. And still managed
photographed against the backdrop of Windsor castle! And Markle was not invited to the wedding of his brother, Thomas Markle, Jr., is not accidental. First, he for many years maintained contact with her, and second, shortly before the wedding
he was sent to the media his open letter, in which “curse” his sister
and Harry begged her not to marry.

Tyler Markle

Photo: LinkedIn