Скандал: Наргиз Закирова из шоу «Голос» разводится с мужем
The singer decided to divorce her husband after 20 years of marriage.

Nargiz Zakirova

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Nargiz Zakirova has publicly stated that divorced from her
Italian husband, Philip, Balzano. The couple had lived together for over 20 years, in
this marriage they had three children – Sabina, Auel and Leila. Recently the eldest daughter pleased parents the birth of a grandson. But, in connection with
financial disagreement that lasted more than a year, the couple decided
to leave. The singer filed divorce papers in new York, where the couple
registered their marriage.

In his microblog Zakirova showed a screenshot of a letter from
Balzano, in which he demanded 40 thousand dollars. ”
you have until Friday night to transfer the money, which
I asked. I checked again the exact amount, not including the cost of repair
the house, which will never end, and the fee for my texts,” writes Philip.

By the way, most recently, Nargis gave tips on how to save family
happiness. After all, her relationship with her husband admired
many. Nargis always told me that
fell in love with Philip as soon as I heard his voice. And they met in
the restaurant, where she sang Italian. Close
friends of the couple claimed that from the first meeting between Zakirova and Balzano
had the spark that faded over the years of marriage.

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