Алена Яковлева отметила день рождения в Люксембурге
Feast for friends, the actress satisfied already after returning to Moscow.

Alyona Yakovleva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Congratulations Alyona Yakovleva took today mostly at the
phone. She is now in Luxembourg, at the film festival. “I decided to do
this day in a quiet mode — admitted 7days.ru Yakovlev. — And all the celebrations
arrange it later when I get back to Moscow.”

Two five — 55 years — old today the actress looking on
which one can hardly believe these numbers. Alena never concealed his
age, because she is in amazing shape and is an example for other women.
“Recently one friend told me: “I have never met anyone with such a
looked good at your age!” For me this is the best compliment”.

According to the actress, she has no sense of age. Over the years
only changed the way of life. “Before, I would every night danced until the morning, and now
prefer to sleep peacefully, to relax. Sometimes even too lazy to go out.
Also became increasingly tired from the activities from communication. But to take care of yourself
on its beauty I’ll never get tired, — said Yakovlev. — The desire
more than 50 to look like a 17 year old girl to anything good will not.
Eye still give, intelligent eyes of an adult woman”.

And, of course, the main secret of her youth is love. Already
a few years continues the novel of the famous actress and her mysterious
fan, who is younger than Alena for 26 years. This man is not associated with the actor
profession. Perhaps this brings Yakovlev with his elect. After all
Alena’s previous marriage with actor Kirill Kozakov and Director Cyril
Mozgalevskaya, and civil Union with actor Alexander Kakhun — ended

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