Сати Казанова открестилась от романа с инструктором по йоге The singer claims that the man owed her money. According to Sati Casanova, her teacher deliberately announced false information to the press about their relationship. Star in horror from this act.

      About the personal life of the singer is almost unknown. Some time ago there were reports that Sati Casanova was going to marry a 55-year-old President of the “Rosvodokanal” Alexander Shenkman. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the press has published an interview with a young instructor at yoga stars Eugene Trufanova.

      Yoga instructor told about the romance with Sati Kazanova

      Talkative man told that he had a long romance with the Casanova, which ended only this summer. Yoga instructor also said that he was really close with the singer.

      Eastern is known for its strict temper Sati, learning about the circulation of such information in his address, came as a complete shock. The singer likened the revelation of a man with a stab in the back. She denied intimacy with the teacher, adding that they were linked only to yoga.

      Casanova revealed the truth about the fact that shortly before the conflict Trufanov elicited from her a large sum to open a yoga center in Moscow. Singer trusted their teacher and are unable to refuse the implementation of such a noble undertaking. However, once the money was in the hands of Eugene, he stopped communicating with the star.

      “I did not expect such stab in the back, cries the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”. – Especially from a man who fully trusted and believed in his doctrine.”

      We will remind, Trufanov told reporters that he met Casanova at the festival “Usadba-jazz”, after which they began an affair.

      “We met regularly, this was happening from time to time. Our history passed the stage of “liberation from clothing,” but failed to develop into something greater”, – ruefully admitted Trufanov.

      It is interesting that Satie for many years, like yoga. Every new day it starts with exercises for internal organs Nauli. “This is an ancient yogic technique for healing of the body, you want to perform on an empty stomach 10-15 minutes – shared Casanova with his fans on the social network. – Then shower with cold water, I have six years take it in the morning: very refreshing! After that, drink warm water, try to do it slowly. It all takes me half an hour. After all the body is awake, it is taken for meditation.” Not surprisingly, this diligent student was summoned from his mentor lofty sentiments.