Андрей Гайдулян закатил итальянскую свадьбу The actor and his girlfriend held a wedding ceremony in Europe. Having relationships in one of the Moscow registry office, Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova flew to the Adriatic coast. With them has gone abroad close friends of the newlyweds.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Andrew Hagolan and his beloved Diana ochilova formalized the relationship in one of capital registry offices last week. The painting took place without witnesses from the groom and bride. The couple appeared at the event in simple and comfortable outfits, as the main celebration was waiting for them later. Andrew Hagolan married again abroad

      After the marriage, Andrew Hagolan with his wife and newly-made close friends flew to Italy, where he planned a solemn wedding ceremony in the city of Trani, in the majestic Cathedral. According to a friend of the pair Alena, Smirenko, on the celebration were invited the actor, who announced them husband and wife. The first footage from the event appeared in the microblogs of the bride and groom.

      One of the photos Andrew carefully carries in one hand beige shoes his lady, and the other holding a spouse’s hand. Diane is wearing a spectacular dress decorated with stones in the chest. Wedding dress Diana sewed on order. That robe was prepared a few weeks rasseva crystals and glass beads. Giulana fans congratulate the couple with a joyful event.

      “My sincere congratulations to Diana and Andrew. This is the life! The value of the relationship is that both in sorrow and in joy – with great happiness and endless love”, “Very happy for you. Let the emotions experienced that day will last a lifetime”, “Congratulations! Well-being, mutual respect and understanding!”, – leave nice comments subscribers newlyweds.

      Private message to Andrew left his colleague on the series “I” and “University” Valentina Rubtsova. “My husband, my onscreen husband, my don Andrea married! Guys, I wish you endless happiness, joy, health. Love, appreciate, take care of each other,” wrote the actress.

      In Instagram the bride has pictures from the celebration surrounded by friends of the couple. Judging by the dresses of the bridesmaids, Diana, the party was held in retro style. The restaurant located at the port of Trani, the guests were treated to delicious Mediterranean seafood.

      By the way, Diana’s parents and Andrew stayed in Russia. For family couple preparing another holiday. Recall ochilova supported a loved one in difficult times. The star of the series “Univer” was diagnosed with cancer and he was undergoing treatment abroad. Diana was always there with a mate, surrounding him with warmth and care. Andrew Hagolan completed treatment and returned home